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THE BVI & Leeward Islands, CARIBBEAN

A Learn-To-Sail Vacation for Teen Sailors

AGES 12-18 | hosted by Sail Caribbean


  • SUMMER 2024: June 23 - July 13 & July 15 - Aug 4
  • 21 Days
  • 101 / 103 / 104 / 105 / 106

Sail Caribbean stands as a pioneering organization offering dynamic sailing programs tailored for teenagers and young adults. With a passion for sailing and a commitment to holistic growth, they provide transformative experiences that go beyond teaching nautical skills. Their expertly crafted adventures blend leadership development, environmental awareness, cultural immersion, and sheer excitement, fostering resilient, confident, and globally-minded individuals.

During the 21-day Delta Program, students will partake in an exhilarating voyage with Sail Caribbean’s premier ocean sailing program crafted for adventurous teens seeking to expand their horizons on the open sea. Tailored for those who crave the thrill of blue-water sailing and the allure of distant shores, Delta is a gateway to a transformative maritime experience for young sailors.

The Sailing

This 21-day program is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to embark on a journey of skill and discovery as they navigate the azure waters of the Caribbean, where they will find themselves at home aboard spacious 50-ft monohull sailboats.

The adventure begins in the sheltered waters of the BVI, where students will refine their skills on smaller 26’ keelboats, surrounded by the beauty of this paradise. Midway through the program, after laying the foundation for their blue-water odyssey, students will embark on an exhilarating overnight passage to the Dutch Caribbean. This journey leads to explorations of majestic Saba, where a challenging hike into the clouds and a fabulous marine park await. Next, a visit to beautiful St. Kitts with its iconic Brimstone Hill Fortress, as well as its companion island Nevis, boasting sandy palm-fringed beaches.

Practical drills, interactive lessons, and peer group training form the backbone of Sail Caribbean’s True Course curriculum. Amidst island expeditions, students will engage in daily reflection sessions, contemplating personal growth and leadership development. 

The Delta Program

FOR AGES 12-18

Sail Caribbean’s transformative Delta Program is designed to expand their blue-water sailing abilities while simultaneously exploring distant islands. This program is perfect for those who have a passion for sailing and adventure and who want to challenge themselves.

Guided by the seasoned staff of Sail Caribbean, students will learn to take charge while swiftly progressing from fundamental sailing techniques to mastering advanced skills such as coastal and offshore navigation, anchoring, docking, and ensuring the boat’s smooth operation. They will participate in demonstrations on how to use and operate emergency equipment, hands-on exercises on reefing and recovering a man overboard, and exercises on using radios and satellite phones.

Designed to cultivate teamwork and leadership, this program will help students gain deeper insights into group dynamics, conflict resolution, and effective leadership principles. Throughout the Delta program, students will evolve into open-ocean bluewater sailors while becoming experts on the ins and outs of boat life.  And, upon their return to the BVI, the stories and knowledge they share from their experience are always interesting and inspiring!

Sail Caribbean is not just about sailing; it’s about empowering the next generation through unforgettable journeys at sea. Join us for three weeks of unparalleled adventure, learning, and personal growth in one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations.


During this 3 week adventure, students (paired with other individuals within their age group) will take charge of their new “home” – a modern 50-foot monohull sailboat. Keelboat lessons will take place on a 26′ Colgate.


This Summer 2024 Caribbean Delta Program, hosted by Sail Caribbean, offers the opportunity to earn the following Certifications :

· ASA 101 | Basic Keelboat Certification
· ASA 103 | Basic Coastal Cruising
· ASA 104 | Bareboat Cruising
· ASA 105 | Coastal Navigation
· ASA 106 | Coastal Cruising

Students Will :

✓ Sail under the stars during the overnight passages between islands
✓ Learn about open-ocean sailing safety and seamanship
✓ Explore the Leeward Islands with their rich culture and history

Optional scuba certifications include:

· PADI Discover Scuba Diving
· PADI Recreational Diving (for those already certified)

*All divers must have their own diving insurance (or be covered by our Trip Mate insurance policy, which does not exclude diving). 

Day 1

After being escorted through customs and immigration by Sail Caribbean staff, students will get acquainted with their floating accommodations amidst the beautiful home base at Hodges Creek Marina. Then, while enjoying a delicious local meal on board, students will become acquainted with the Captain and crew – followed by several activities and games to get to know each other. To end a long day of travel and busyness, settle in for an early and restful night’s sleep.

Days 2-5

After a quick group meet and greet with Mike, Sail Caribbeans founder and director, students will head right into learning about the different parts of the boat and start preparing to get underway. For the next few days, students will learn how to sail by getting out into the Sir Francis Drake Channel and getting their hands on the lines, winch handles, and taking turns at the helm. When not sailing, students will be getting used to life onboard and enjoying watersports and scuba diving in the beautiful waters of the British Virgin Islands. Students who signed up for ASA certifications will spend lots of time practicing in Sail Caribbean’s performance keelboats and maybe even do some racing!

Days 6-9

At this point in the program, students will begin preparations for their sail down-island, which starts on Day 10. Days will be spent learning about offshore sailing safety, practicing sailing drills, and planning down-island navigation. Before the passage, the boats will head into port to re-provision and enjoy a nice night on land together before the long voyage ahead.

Days 10-13

On their overnight passage to Sint Maarten, students can expect to experience countless shooting stars, both an amazing sunset and sunrise, and the thrill of seeing land appear in the distance after a night at sea. After the passage, students can relax and explore the Dutch port of Philipsburg, Sint Maarten. The crew will head ashore to relax and feel their land legs. 

The next day, the boats will head over to St. Eustatius and explore the rich history of the island by taking a hike to the famous Fort de Windt. In the afternoon there will be time for a snorkel and a community service beach clean.

Days 14-17

The next stop is the island of St. Kitts, where students will get a tour of the island by Sail Caribbean’s long-time friend – and local legend – Percy. Then they will explore the historic Brimstone Hill Fortress, which took a full 100 years to build, as well as relax on the beach and visit local shops. 

The next few days will be spent exploring the volcanic Dutch island of Saba. Students will be greeted by a breathtaking 800 steps leading from Ladder Bay to The Bottom. Both divers and snorkelers can explore stunning coral reefs found in Marine Park, which circles the entire island. Before leaving, students will take a hike into the lush vegetation and cloud forest of Mt. Scenery before preparing for their blue-water voyage back to the BVI.

Days 18-20

After the downwind passage back to the BVI, students will take a much-needed break at Scrub Island and take full advantage of the two pools and waterslide. The next day, the Delta fleet will meet back up with everyone else on other programs for a day of waterports and beach games.

The following morning, everyone will head to the famous Baths of the BVI. They’ll hike through the incredible granite rock caves and caverns, then snorkel back to their boats, but not before stopping at the world-famous Devis Bay Beach. In the evening, everyone will head back to base for a night of skits, awards, and a final incredible local meal.

Day 21

The last day usually starts with a somber mood as students say their goodbyes to their boats – their homes from the past two weeks – and the incredible friends they made along the way. Students will be busy coordinating how they will stay in touch with one another and ready to start planning which programs they want to do next summer. As the ferries pull away from the BVI, taking the same channel that everyone has spent the last few weeks sailing, it would be a lie to say that there are no tears shed by both students and staff.

*Itineraries are subject to change due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.


[The program was] an excellent primer for college. Michelle learned to get along with students from all over the country with different backgrounds and live in “very close quarters”… the experience was invaluable.
Matthew B. | Parent
I am more confident in myself and in my sailing skills. I learned how to sail and boat and how to keep it working. I also felt more connected to the ocean and wanted to save it more!
Caroline G. | Student



  • June 23 - July 13, 2024
  • July 15 - August 4, 2024

All-Inclusive 21-Day “Delta Course” Tuition :
$7695 per Student
*Covers all program expenses with the exception of : airfare,  transportation and any relevant departure fees, medical expenses, personal spending and optional snacks/meals ashore. Some Optional Courses may incur additional fees.

Course Includes :
Three Weeks Aboard a 50’ Monohaul Sailing Yacht, Provisions for all Meals enjoyed on Board, Instruction and Cost of Certifications Earned.

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